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Foundation for Moldo-Japanese realations has began its activity in 2002, as a common institution, its aim being to promote collaboration and friendship relations between Republic of Moldova and Japan, as well as associations, foundations, institutions and organizations, ethnic groups of Japan in different countries of the world.

FMJR is the unique institution in Republic of Moldova with a judicial status in order to implement different programs of studying language, culture, history, civilization of Japan, which development will facilitate branches of national economy.

The study of Japanese language through optimal methods, the celebration of national holidays of Japan, the Japan culture days in Republic of Moldova, conferences, exhibitions, symposiums, seminaries in order to study the culture, the university and postgraduate training, the study and elaboration of concepts and strategies considering the up growing generation training, the contribution of facilitaton and encouragement of business relations between Japanese and Moldovan employers, the development of social programs to propagate economic-cultural values of Republic of Moldova in Japan and vice-versa - these are only a part of the domains and activities at which FMJR can offer you a professional support.

Foundation mission

To offer to Moldovan citizens the chance to have a direct contact with Japanese culture to help them understand it in as more visual way and like it.

Foundation's philosophy

The philosophy of foundation is: “The limit is only imagination”.