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In order to achieve its goals, the Foundation proposes to undertake the following activities:

implement social programs aimed at advancing economic and cultural values of the Republic of Moldova and Japan and vice versa;

develop strategic projects on social, economic, technical and cultural forecast regarding the relations between these two countries;

study and develop concepts and strategies with regard to instruction of the younger generations in conditions of an accelerated tempo of living and information;

study modern concepts of community study and develop new, efficient methods for Moldovan national economy;

co-operate with Japanese structures in the Republic of Moldova by developing optimal methods of study Japanese;

organize consulting services, conferences, exhibitions, symposiums, and workshops, organize and conduct university and post-graduate education activities;

co-operate with central and local public authorities, local and foreign non-governmental organizations, international organizations and institutions (World Bank, International Monetary Fund, United Nations Organizations and its specialized agencies etc.);

organize training courses for specialists in management, marketing, finance, business, culture, as well as training sessions, know-goals activities, study tours to Japan;

organize celebration of national Japanese holidays and days of Japanese culture in Moldova in order to familiarize Moldovan people with Japanese traditions and customs;

support other organizations and institutions working in similar fields: education, culture, charity, economics, etc.;

publish necessary materials for the implementation of Foundation's goals;

participate in international activities, establish and maintain relations with similar local organizations and from abroad;

organize, under law provisions, profit-seeking activities designed to assure funds for the Foundation and consistent with the goals set forth in the Charter;

collect, as provided by law, with the aim of achieving statutorygols, financial means received as sponsorships, donations, charity etc., from legal entities and natural persons either local or from abroad.