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Japan Foundation Sakura



The Japan Foundation has established “the JF Nihongo Network”, a new system that links Japanese-language organizations throughout the world. 

The institutions and organizations in supporting or cooperating relationship with the Foundation through its Japanese-language programs that work on projects that have a extensive ripple effects over an entire area or country in terms of enhancing the development of Japanese-language education will be the “core members” of the network. They are expected to contribute more to the establishment and development of Japanese-language education in that country.

Hence the name “Sakura Network”, we hope that this network will develop and prosper in every part of the world, just like beautiful cherry blossoms. 

The Japan Foundation will work together in cooperation with the member organizations of the “Sakura Network” to provide learning environment for those who want to learn Japanese-language, and further advance the quality of the Japanese-language education overseas.

Foundation for Moldovan-Japanese Relations is a member of the Sakura Network (2009-2014).

Japan Foundation