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Ikebana is the art of cutting and arranging stalks, leafs and flowers, in fit vessel. It developed in Japan in the last 700 years. In order to create some floral expressive arrangements, you need to possess a lot of techniques which can be learned in 2-3 years of courses and exercises to achieve the necessary experience. Along the time Ikebana has developed in different styles. The most frequent styles are rikka or seika or shoka (flower in vertical position, normal), nageire( flowers in unusual position, as "outburst") and moribana (grouped flowers, sustained by a support). These traditional arrangements, very well realized used to decorate the rooms where the guests were invited, but now they are seen in holes dining rooms but also in shop windows and in buildings where are different companies.

The way in which the flowers are arranged is causes of desire of harmony between them and circumambience. Layer after layer, together with branches and leaves becomes a real masterpiece, which relieve flowers and they have to express. Even if there are a lot of influences and a lot of specialized schools ikebana arrangements means a perfect equilibrium between composition's elements. To make such an arrangement we need beside flowers, leaf and branches - depending on the style we want- we need hasami (scissors) of kabin (a high vase), utsuwa (a kind of tray) and of kenzan (a support with sharp points where flowers can be fixed). The length of branches and stalks, positioning and proper leaves depend on the style that we want to use. But regardless the style and influences Ikebana arrangements will be admired and will bring harmony.