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Never Give Up

The Republic of Moldova attended for the third time consecutively to the 26th Japanese Speech Contest among CIS countries’ students, which has been held on October 25, 2014, in Moscow, Russia. This contest was held in the great hall of the Russian State Library and there were 20 participants from 10 different countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan).

Each participant had the opportunity to show their Japanese language skills through a speech, their theme being a free choice. Students had to convince and to conquer the hearts of the audience with a special message in just 5 minutes. Then they answered to the jury’s questions in order to point out some details from the speech and to prove their fluency in Japanese language as well. Each student has exhibited his or her public speaking skills and they have also sent an original message based on their experience. This contest is a great chance to those who are fond of Japanese language and culture, especially that the grand prize is a ticket to Japan from JAL şi M.O. TOURIST Company.

This year, Mihaela Stati represented the Republic of Moldova in the Japanese Speech Contest from Moscow. Mihaela is a third-year student at Philology Department at the Moldova State University and she has been studying for four years Japanese language at the Foundation for Moldovan-Japanese Relations. Mihaela has had passion for Japan since childhood and her big dream is to visit the Land of the Rising Sun. The theme “Never give up!” has sensitized jury to tears; it was about Mihaela’s experience to fight the disease and the endless help of her mother. Even if she had many difficult and discouraging moments, she never gave up. Mihaela said that ,,I gave a part of my soul in this speech. Although I look like a perfect healthy person, my inner world was affected by the shaky state of health. I fight for a better condition of my world every day in order to create a harmonious society with perennial values. My message was that no matter how deep the abyss or how powerful the storms you face, the most important is never to give up. If we give up, we will have eternal pain. We can create a way to a harmonious social integration and professional development only through will and faith. My family is the reason of my existence, they have been supporting me in each moment. I would like to become a teacher to light the way for future generations. I don’t think that a language other than Japanese could just as well to illustrate the message I wanted to convey. Japanese sounds are omnipresent in my soul and thanks to my teachers I could feel a spiritual revelation during contest preparation. I learned to enjoy each moment of life, to pay attention to details and to see the world with other eyes. I am very grateful for this great opportunity. I won a memorable experience and I discovered more about Japan in depth. If I could, I would like to immortalize these sublime moments in my memory. The tears that I noticed in the audience’s eyes were like a reward for my work. I am so thankful to my teachers, especially to Mr. Hiroshi and Mrs. Masako Matano who brushed up my Japanese and the way of thinking. I am delighted to learn Japanese at the Foundation for Moldovan-Japanese Relations. I always worked with Foundation’s philosophy in generic levitra 20mg tablets my heart: “The limit is only imagination”.

Participating in such contests, students are motivated to study, to become better, to show their skills and how original can they be through Japanese language. We notice that more people from Moldova became interested in Japanese language and culture.

At the end of the contest, Mr. Sugahara Nobuo, director Sugahara & Associates INC. Moscow, presented a lecture about job offers in Japanese companies.

Then the jury announced the results and participants were rewarded with different precious gifts.

We are proud to strengthen relations of friendship and cooperation between Moldova and Japan. We thank our students who show their passion for Japanese language by participating in different national and international contests.

Valeriu Bînzaru
President of FMJR