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I like Japanese

"I like Japanese" is the title of one of the winning short films submitted for the Japanese Video Contest. Its author is Liubov Zelinskaia (artforjoy.com), 1st year student at the Foundation for Moldovan-Japanese Relations. The main purpose of this contest is to increase people’s interest in studying Japanese in the member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and also exchange of information between specialized institutions and the enhancement of relationships regarding the Japanese language study in the CIS countries.

In no more than 3 minutes, the applicants were supposed to convince the jury that they deserved to win in this contest. As a prize, the winning movies have been uploaded to youtube.com by the Japanese Culture Department. The applicants were free to choose the subject of the video. The main requirement was that the video was in Japanese. So, the applicants could give proof of all their imagination, creativity and originality through performances, songs, animations, presentations or documentaries.

The Japanese Culture Department of the Japan Foundation has announced the winners on May 31st. Liubov Zelinskaia, who proved to possess amazing skills and excelled in the originality of her short film, won second place. In her video she expressed how much she loved Japanese and her passion for it. Liubov didn’t neglect any of the Video Contest requirements and won the jury’s hearts through creativity, through showing the meaning of the Japanese ideograms in her life.