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Closer to the Land of the Rising Sun


During almost a decade of activity, the Foundation has gathered in its portfolio amazing achievements, which are triple-oriented: on one side – there is diversity and up-to-dateness, on another – the continuously increasing number of students, and lastly but not less important – giving a hand to teachers. 

We always try to implement something new and interesting for Japanese language speakers, we try to motivate them to meditate and make researches, which eventually generate answers and debates. Attending all kind of events and activities organized by the Foundation gives the students the possibility to communicate with various categories of people, thus promoting the main cultural programs and our projects.

It may seem that 10 years is not a long way to go for a Foundation, but since back then and up until now, the Foundation has covered quite a hard way, full of achievements and of hardships as well. Howsoever, we hope that the efforts we made during these years and the ones that we’ll have to make further on, shall be appreciated.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary since diplomatic relations between Japan and the Republic of Moldova have been established, (26th of March 1992, Establishment of diplomatic relationship between Japan and the Republic of Moldova), and on the occasion of the Foundation’s anniversary (founded on 29th of January 2003) and also on the occasion of the 8th edition of the Japanese Speech Contest held in the Republic of Moldova, the Foundation has gathered all its students to start one of its activities planned for this regnal year.

Students were able to apply for the contest starting October 1st, 2012 till January 24, 2013. The aim of the contest is to assess the level of knowledge of the spoken Japanese Language and has also the purpose to promote Moldova by means of discourses that bring forth broad cultural, economic, social and historical topics that concern both Moldova and Japan. Besides that, the contest encourages the students who are new to studying Japanese.

The assessment conditions and criteria are the following: grammar and vocabulary accuracy, pronunciation and intonation accuracy, fluency, how to take a pause during a speech and correct formulation of the idea. As for the content of the discourse: expressing one’s personal viewpoint, presentation originality, assessing the answer to the jury’s questions.


All the discourses have been analyzed by a jury made up of 4 members. The winners were awarded diplomas and valuable prizes such as tablets, electronic Japanese dictionaries, music players, paper dictionaries and other goods, as gratitude for their efforts.

We would like to mention that in this prestigious competition participate students from different faculties who study Japanese at the Foundation, and this gives them the perspective to make master and doctoral studies as well as researches in the country with the most advanced informational technologies.

Thus, the first place winner in the "Advanced Category" was Ana Shefer, sophomore at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, making a speciality in Cosmetics and Medicine Technologies. As the jury has decided, Ana will represent both the Foundation for Moldovan-Japanese Relations and the Republic of Moldova in the first contest of the Japanese language spoken between GUAM countries, which will take place on April 27th, 2013 in Kiev (Ukraine).

In the contest also participated Mihaela Stati a freshman at the Faculty of Letters, specializing in Romanian-English Language and Literature. Mihaela was appreciated by the jury with third place in the "Advanced Category", being awarded a music player and a set of books. Another student that took part in the competition, Alina Leviţchi, 1st year student at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, specializing in Informatics, was given a big set of Japanese books.


In the intermediate category, third year student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, specialty English-French Applied Languages and Translating - Olga Rudic,  won the 1st place, and was awarded a tablet. Pavel Shtora - student at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, has been given an interesting set of Japanese books.

The Foundation for Moldovan-Japanese Relations wishes to thank all apprenticies who study the Japanese language and culture for active participation, imagination and inventive spirit.

All throughout this year, the Foundation will organize and participate in a new series of activities in priority areas of bilateral cooperation: culture, education, research and innovation, the goal being the same - to promote the Japanese language, the way the economy develops, the civil society and culture of an overdeveloped country.

Relying on these 10 years of activity, the Foundation for Moldovan-Japanese Relations will continue to contribute to the advancement of Japanese language and culture in Moldova. This is the creed of those active here! In this merry moment, we would like to sincerely thank all those who gave us a hand and supported the Foundation, because without them the Foundation for Moldovan-Japanese Relations would have never become what it actually has today.


Valeriu Bânzaru

President of the Foundation for Moldovan-Japanese Relations


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