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The Special Jury Prize awarded to Anna Şefer

On the 27th of April 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine was held the 1st edition of international Japanese speech contest, entitled “The Japan in my heart” organized by National linguistic University Kiev National Linguistic University in partnership with the Japanese Teachers Association of Ukraine, Ukraine-Japan Center and the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine.

The contest gathered students who study Japanese in different institutions from GUAM member states. The Republic of Moldova was presented by Anna Şefer – a 4th year student at the Foundation for Moldovan-Japanese Relations and 2nd year student at the Faculty of Chemistry of the State University of Moldova.

Plenipotentiary ambassador of Ukraine and of the Republic of Moldova, Toichi Sakata, said that this event offers the possibility to promote the talented students who study Japanese language and culture. ”It is important to draw up the quality of education to the level that the market demands, and along that, the integration of these students in Japanese companies is one of the purposes of this process.  Training qualified specialists guarantees the competitiveness of the country’s economy and attracts new investments.” emphasized His Excellency, Ambassador Toichi Sakata.

Anna presented her speech and answered accurately and coherently the questions asked by the jury, thus she managed to get a wonderful result – the Special Jury Prize.

The jury’s committee was formed by representatives from the Embassy of Japan and specialists of Japanese language who teach at universities in Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova.

Prizes awarded to the winners were very attractive – Japanese books and dictionaries, accessories and traditional Japanese souvenirs provided by Japanese companies present on the Ukrainian market.

“From the very beginning Japanese was something fascinating for me…a challenge. It’s true to say that studying Japanese helped me to develop some new skills, and taught me a lot of things. Participating in the international contest was a challenging experience for me, which combined difficulties and pleasure. The speech contest was hard enough for me, I had to rewrite my script several times and think of the best introduction and conclusion and so on, and I also was nervous and anxious before the contest. Other students were from faculties of Japanese, and their major was linguistics, which discouraged me a bit… I think this special prize is the greatest award for studying Japanese for 4 years at the Foundation of Moldovan-Japanese Relations, where I participated in every Japanese Speech Contest held in Moldova.” stated Anna.