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Why study Japanese


We live in a world of global communication, where the exchange coin of communication is the language. Experts in the field have estimated that there are between 5000 and 10000 spoken languages in the world, and that - without taking into account the various dialects of every language.Studying a foreign language literally changes one’s visions of life. According to certain studies – the way bilingual people think differs from that of people speaking only one language.

Every person has his/her own reasons for studying Japanese. By knowing only the language spoken in a country helps understand that nation’s philosophy. What is important is that the Japanese have a great respect for those who know Japanese even just a little.The good sides of studying Japanese are many. Most of the people who have ever had any kind of intercourse with the Japanese language and culture, have decided to study Japanese more thoroughly, so as to understand the Japanese culture and mentality, which absolutely differs from ours.There are also people who wished to understand how the Educational System works in Japan, and to perceive the philosophy and the spirit that stood behind a completely destroyed country after the Second World War that became the second-largest economic power in less than 40 years.

Japanese language helps people find new friends, enjoy their vacations in Japan and broaden their cultural horizons.Learning of the Japanese language brings about more possibilities to study and work. It may also improve one’s career level, assuring a greater competitive advantage.Many young people from all around the world have a great interest in Japanese Pop-culture represented by manga and anime. The easy understanding of these is one of the reasons for which many decide to commence Japanese language learning.Studying a new language – just as studying music – requires a lot of effort, but it also brings a lot of contentment, and the journey may be just as pleasant as the arrival – as any of those studying one could tell you.

However, there are many people who lack the courage for studying a new language because they consider that it would take a lifetime in order to learn all the vocabulary and grammar of a language. Even so, it has been proved that with the right attitude and motivation most of the people can learn at least the basics of a foreign language.At the Foundation for Moldovan-Japanese Relations, we have understood these principles and have the great honor to offer you licensed services of Japanese Language teaching, performed on the basis of the study programs approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova. They comply with the international standards and are delivered by language specialists from Japan, who are highly qualified and may help you learn Japanese and maximize the benefits that this language may bring into your life.